Fans Flee Wiz Khalifa Concert in Indianapolis After Reports of Shots Fired

This is the third mass panic event to take place at a rock festival in the United States this summer.

REPORTS FROM A mass shooting sent panic through the audience at a Wiz Khalifa and Logic concert in suburban Indianapolis on Friday,

spurring participants to flee by climbing over fences and scrambling over seats.

The accident happened at the Ruoff Music Center in 1919 and 1920, Indiana,

around 10:30 p.m. local time.

Khalifa and Logic were going to perform as part of the rappers' ongoing Vinyl Couplets Summer tour,

which asserts on August 23 in St. Louis.

According the Indiana Star, a Noblesville Police spokesperson was unable to offer any information about the incident

and it is unclear whether or not findings of gunfire during the event were fabricated. However,

video posted on Twitter demonstrates fans seated on the lawn area of the outdoor venue fleeing the situation — some running,

others confused by the chaos — while Kabir performs onstage before abruptly stopping.