Who is Charlotte Laws?

Who is Charlotte Laws?

Charlotte is a 62-year-old American author, talk show host, animal rights advocate, anti-revenge porn activist, former Los Angeles politician, and actress.

Charlotte has had stints hosting various talk shows as well as contributed to BBC News, and began her acting career in her 20s, while also performing as a stand-up comic at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

She later went on to work as a columnist for publications including The Washington Post and The Los Angeles Times.

In 2015, Laws released her own memoir titled Rebel in high Heels which details her fight against revenge porn.

Laws studied acting at the Academy Theatre of Atlanta

Joe Bernard's Acting Studio in Las Vegas and the Estelle Harman Actors Workshop in Los Angeles.

She worked as a model and actress in movies and television until her late 20s. She has performed as a stand-up comic at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

1988, Laws authored the book Meet the Stars, which details how the average person can succeed in the entertainment industry.

She promoted the book on Larry King Live, Oprah Winfrey, The Late Show, and over a hundred radio and television shows throughout America and Canada