Union contract protects ‘educators of color’ if layoffs hit Minneapolis schools, report says

NEW YORK (AP) – Donald Trump’s longtime finance director is likely to admit guilt as early after Thursday’s deadline in a tax-evasion case which is the only criminal case arising from an ongoing investigation into the former president’s business three people who are familiar with the case said to The Associated Press.

Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg was scheduled to go on trial in October, based on claims that the company paid him over $1.7 million in compensation that was not recorded from the business, including rental, car payments, and tuition fees for school.

Prosecutors of the Manhattan district attorney’s office as well as Weisselberg’s legal team met this morning with the judge who is in charge of the case, Juan Manuel Merchan according to court documents. The judge scheduled hearings in the case to begin at 9:00 a.m. Thursday, but did not provide a reason for the hearing.

The individuals who spoke with the AP spoke on the condition of anonymity as they were not permitted to discuss the matter.

They claimed that the goal of Thursday’s hearing was to allow Weisselberg to sign a guilty plea but warned that plea bargains can be shattered prior to being concluded before a judge.

Weisselberg’s attorney, Nicholas Gravante Jr. told The New York Times on Monday that Weisselberg has been involved in plea negotiations to settle the matter however, he did not provide details of a possible plea bargain. Contacted by the AP Gravante was not available to provide further details.

The Times, citing two persons who have knowledge of the situation reported that Weisselberg was likely to be given a prison sentence of five months and would be eligible for release after 100 days. The agreement would not need Weisselberg to give evidence or assist in any way in an ongoing criminal investigation of Trump’s business actions.

The company owned by Trump, the Trump Organization, is also accused in the case, however, it was not involved in plea bargaining discussions. Weisselberg as well as Trump’s company, the Trump Organization have pleaded not to be guilty.

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