TIM AND MIKE : Preseason Week 2 observations

Opening hole: The no. 2 offensive line, consisting of Matt Nelson, Tommy Kraemer, Evan Brown,

Logan Stenberg, and Dan Skipper did a great job of protecting the quarterback David Blough and opening holes in the run game Saturday’s 27-26 win against the Colts.

Detroit scored 96 rushing yards, with an average of 6.0 in their initial two runs, with the linemen opening gaps. Detroit’s Lions have a solid starting five and great depth. 

The first and final second Lions scored their first and last points in the opening half to make it 13-13 by the time they went to intermission.

It was a different game with 14 plays and 60 yards and an attempt at a field goal on their first play of the game. 12 games for 54 yards, and a TD at the end of the second half

Steady Kennedy: Tom Kennedy was leading the NFL in receiving yards (104) following the first week of the preseason. 

 He had a great two-touchdown game on Saturday in the game against the Colts. Mr. Dependable or Mr.

Reliable, as coach Campbell has mentioned him in the past,

The reality that coach Campbell has the player on the special teams often indicates that they are trying to argue for him to be included on the 53-man roster. 

Field position Wide receiver Maurice Alexander gave it to the Lions in big ways when it came to kickoff returns.

Alexander returned four times for an aggregate of 150 yards. 

His average return was 38 yards for each return and had a record-breaking return of 61 yards. – Mike O’Hara

Chunk yards Run-back Justin Jackson had 54 rushing yards on seven carries (7.7 per).