How to View the Last Supermoon of the Year

On August 11, 2014, on a Thursday the full moon in Aquarius often referred to by the name Sturgeon Supermoon (more on that below) will appear across the skies, which will make it the supermoon that will be the last of 2022

The moon, when it is fully illuminated it’s halfway to the end of its moon cycle, and the most brilliant it’s ever been during that particular cycle.

Where can you spot when the moon is full tonight and what is this moon’s significance (astrologically)? What impact will it have on your life?

Within our English world, we usually discuss light as bringing new information and insights.

The moon is among two light sources in the sky (the other one being that of the sun) and when it’s the most bright, it can make us think about things that we did not know prior. It lets us see further into the night.

the mysteries of the night are revealed and we are able to see into the night’s darkness. When we are able to see that darkness, those parts of us that we do not wish to be seen We can let them go.

Maybe that’s the reason we refer to full moons as an opportunity for releasing the burden, letting go or saying “goodbye.

The archetypal way to describe archetypically, an Aquarius full moon isn’t an easy moment to be in.