Sofia Carson on Acting and Writing Music for Netflix’s ‘Purple Hearts’:

She was already established as a multi-hyphenate performer. She was an actress and has co-starred with stars like Dove Cameron and other soon-tobe household actors in the well-known Disney Descendants TV movie franchise as well as appeared in numerous other productions.

She also was making an impact as a singer and songwriter.

Carson as well as Liz Rosenbaum, one of the episode directors on the PLL spinoff, which started filming in 2017 and was aired in 2019, formed an instant and profound connection.

They promised to continue working together. While the filming process, Rosenbaum handed Carson their new project.

"I am able to recall it with great clarity," Carson, 29 tells. "It was about Christmas time of 2017 when she walked up with me at the studio to give me a piece of paper and told me"Merry Christmas!

The script had purple hearts drawn on its cover."

That's the original script of Purple Hearts, which debuts on Netflix today (July 29) and follows the surprising relationship between the struggling singer/songwriter Cassie Salazar (Carson)

"Liz informed me when she gave me her script that she was looking to start this journey with me," Carson says. "It's not just a director and actor, but also partners."

When the story was revised Rosenbaum used Carson's previous experience as a musician to help determine the way Cassie would compose her songs.

"I was definitely writing from the perspective of Cassie," Carson says. "Liz wanted to know how I write songs and what happens when inspiration strikes.

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