Paedon Brown started working in reality television when he was just 12 years old.

 On TLC's Sister Wives Season 1 in 2010, he was first presented as the biological son of Kody and his ex-wife, Christine.

Paedon still receives attention on social media even though his appearances on the show have been inconsistent ever since he left home and started living

as an adult. The 24-year-old frequently shares updates on his renowned family's newest developments on Instagram and TikTok.

View some of Paedon's most shocking revelations about his life and his active family in the gallery below.

For several of the spouses and kids in Season 16, the father-of-insistence eighteen's on strict COVID safety standards,

which included sterilizing mail and keeping distance from close family members by living in separate homes for extended periods,

was a big sticking point. However, Paedon shocked followers by revealing in March that Kody declined to have the COVID vaccine, sparking fury on social media.