While this appears to be Feist's first donation to Women's Aid Dublin, she has previously advocated for organizations that help abused women and children.

LaBeouf previously said that he wrote the screenplay for Honey Boy while participating in a court-ordered rehabilitation program.

Directed by Alma Harel, Honey Boy was purported to be an autobiographical tale inspired by LaBeouf’s experience as a child actor and his fraught relationship with his father

 In the film, LaBeouf played James Lord, a former rodeo clown and father of a child actor, Otis, played by Noah Jupe as a child and Lucas Hedges as an adult.

The film depicts James Lort as an alcoholic and abusive to his son. But in a recent appearance on Jon Bernthal’s Real Ones podcast,

LaBeouf claimed that he fictionalized much of the script and that his own father did not resemble the character he played.

"Here's a man I've vilified on a grand scale," the actor told The Independent. "I made up this story, which was utter nonsense."

 My father has always been very loving to me. Sure, it's broken. Sure, it's crooked. Unusual, to say the least.