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Red Hot Chili Peppers at SoFI Stadium: A Show For All L.A.

On what could be just another day of summer in Los Angeles, July 31 2022 specifically — the Red Hot Chili Peppers played a sold-out concert in the So-Fi Stadium in Inglewood, with two highly acclaimed opening act:

Beck, another Angeleno who was successful, and then Thundercat, the acclaimed bassist, and singer Stephen Bruner.

I took a flight to L.A. in the early hours of 5:20 a.m. on the day of the show; however, I was not in a position to sleep for more than an hour the night prior.

having a lot of difficulties getting to sleep these days. My thoughts fill the closets with murderers as well as the crawl spaces filled of demons and my windows with spectres.

Of course, the things that I am most afraid of are the aspects of myself that get so obvious in the quiet before bed.

About a year ago I left Los Angeles–specifically Los Feliz, specifically near the Gelsons on Hyperion–for Chicago. I packed my possessions into a U-Haul cube.

 I paid the $2,000 or whatever it was, and then headed back to “home.” I grew up in the middle of the city of Skokie, Illinois.

That’s why I came back. I settled into a modest one-bedroom house in Evanston which was located next to Skokie and Chicago as well as along Lake Michigan. Evanston is a beautiful place to be in summer and I would go for a stroll along the lake every day.