Neil Patrick Harris is suddenly single in the comedy 'Uncoupled'

LOS ANGELES -- Neil Patrick Harris is a comedian who has played many "extreme characters". This made his role in "Uncoupled" particularly appealing.

He said that he was attracted by the idea of "a bit of normalcy" as well as nuance. He portrays a New Yorker suddenly single, who is dumped by his 17-year-old partner and stumbled into a new dating world.

The premiere of "Uncoupled" Friday night was a rare Hollywood treat: A rom-com featuring a gay protagonist as the loveable hero.

Harris saw this as an opportunity to increase its value, and so did the show's veteran TV producers: Darren Star ("Sex and the City," Emily in Paris") and Jeffrey Richman (“Modern Family," “Frasier”).

Harris stated, "As gay man myself I thought that having content which was representational was great for a streaming platform such as Netflix." Star and Richman have a knack for creating fare that is universally appealing.

Harris marvels at their skillful juggling between the funny and the sad.

"I felt that this was something new and different.

He said that he was honored to have been asked to participate in it. His diverse screen credits include "Doogie Howser M.D.";

Neil Patrick

Harris is suddenly single in the comedy 'Uncoupled'

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