NASCAR Cup Series at Richmond results: Harvick wins the Federated Auto Parts 400, his second straight victory

Eight days ago the main storyline surrounding Kevin Harvick’s story was that he had been on the longest winless streak in more than two full seasons and that he was very close to winning, even though only 13 laps leading throughout the season. However, it took just eight days to allow Harvick to totally change that narrative, and maybe even make himself among the top risky drivers in NASCAR currently.

After gaining the lead from the dominant Joey Logano, Harvick paced the field in the final portion of Sunday’s race.

This is also the fourth time he’s won at Richmond and follows previous victories in 2011 and 2006 as well as 2013.

Harvick’s victory is the 60th win of his career and is tied alongside Kyle Busch for ninth on NASCAR’s list of all-time wins.

Like it was in the spring the race on Sunday came down to pitting and tire strategies at the conclusion.

Chris Buescher made his final pit stop right before Harvick’s pit stop with 60 laps remaining and allowed Buescher to fill in the gap and try to take the lead before slipping away.

However, Christopher Bell pitted about a dozen laps after Harvick, allowing him to beat Harvick and both the top two drivers in the last 10 laps.

In a similar race back in the month of April Harvick finished just a tad behind Denny Hamlin. However, this time, he managed to hold on, even when Bell was able to come from a few seconds behind to chase him to the finish line continuing his rapid rise in the direction of a second playoff race.

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