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Miss Universe allows moms, wives to join starting 2023

MANILA, Philippines – After allowing transgender females to compete in Miss Universe 2018, transgender women were allowed to compete.

Miss Universe 2018 pageant, Spain’s Angela Ponce made history.

Now as a step towards being much more “inclusive,” Miss Universe has revealed that mothers and married women can now participate in the world’s largest pageant, starting in 2023.

The pageant previously allowed single women who had not had children or were married.

The pageant has also previously eliminated the requirement for height, however, the age requirements remain the same, which is the age of 18 up to.

n actual fact, in the year 1957 when Miss USA was selected as the Miss USA winner was selected at the same time in the same year as Miss Universe winner, Miss USA Leona Gage was removed from her title within just 24 hours after being announced as the winner.

It was revealed that she had lied about her age and said she was divorced, remarried and was the mother of two children. Following her dethronement, Leona continued to get married four times!

“Only allowing women who have never been married or had children to compete sends the dangerous message that: Motherhood isn’t beautiful, Motherhood marks the end of a career, Motherhood limits your potential,” Students for Life of America wrote in a blog post.