Michael Keaton can't sit through Marvel, DC movies: 'I have another sh*t to do!”

There's not enough opportunity for Michael Keaton to sit down and watch superhero films despite appearing in a handful of the films.

The actor from 'Batman' has appeared as a character in DC as well as Marvel films throughout his illustrious career however, the 70-year-old hasn't reportedly watched any films based on comic books in recent years.

"I I know that many people won't believe this, but I've never seen a complete version of any of these films -- no Marvel film, or different," Keaton recently told Variety.

"And I'm not saying I don't see that film because I'm a snob Trust me! That's not the case," the Oscar-nominated actor said. "It's simply that there are few things I watch.

When I begin watching something, I believe it's great, and then I'll watch three episodes of it," he continued. "But I have some other things to complete!"

The Hollywood veteran was Bruce Wayne/Batman in Tim Burton's "Batman" (1989) and 'Batman Returns' (1992).

Later, he wore the role of Batman in the role of Vulture as part of the MCU and reprised the part in "Morbius"

The actor will reprise his role in the role of Dark Knight in the upcoming DC films "The Flash" and "Aquaman along with The Lost Kingdom' starring Jason Momoa.


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