Maddie Ziegler Got Real About “Dance Moms” And Said The Show Set Her Up For “Failure”

AceShowbiz AceShowbiz Maddie Ziegler apparently didn’t really enjoy her time in the show “Dance Moms”. She claimed that she was “set to fail” during the program.

The actress became famous after appearing on The Lifetime television show, which she appeared on from eight in 2011 through 2016 when she was 19 

the dancer and actress recall how the producer of the show made her act like the “brat” who is the winner of every single time. 

In the latest magazine of American’s Cosmopolitan journal, She gushed, “People thought I was an egomaniac because in every interview I would tell them”I’m the greatest. I’m sure I’ll take home the prize.’ That’s because the producer told me to make that statement.” 

“I don’t believe I’m more than the rest of them. I just did what they said I should do, because I believed this was what you did. They made you a victim of their own success.” 

Maddie – – who was later seen on music videos with Sia as well as TV shows and films confesses to having “dissociated from so much” from her appearance on the show, and her life is less stress-inducing since those days. 

She continued, “I had more stress in my twenties than I did after I quit. I’ve been dissociated from that period. 

I’ll see people post pictures from the show ‘Dance Moms’, and I’ll be like, “I absolutely don’t recall that ever happening.'”



Maddie Ziegler Got Real About “Dance Moms” And Said The Show Set Her Up For “Failure”.