Lady Gaga Dog Walker Shooting Suspect Recaptured After Accidental Jail Release

Lady Gaga Dog Walker Shooting Suspect Recaptured After Accidental Jail Release

The gunman was falsely released from prison after being accused of shooting Lady Gaga’s dog-walker and taking two French bulldogs.

They were re-captured on Wednesday while hiding in a high desert area situated in north Los Angeles County, authorities have said.

The suspect in the attempted murder James Jackson, 19, was “apprehended without incident” when he was serving an arrest warrant at Palmdale, California, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office stated.

The arrest came on the same day that a second suspect in the investigation, Jaylin White, pleaded “no contest” to second-degree robbery, and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Jackson had been let out of prison through a mistake in April after a “clerical error” led to the impression at the time that attempted murder second-degree burglary, and conspiracy for committing robbery accusations against him had been dropped.

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Jackson was initially taken into custody in April 2021, along with White 20, and the third accused assailant Lafayette Whaley, 28.

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