Junge leads Michigan GOP 8th District primary for Congress, declares victory

Paul Junge, a former news anchor and lawyer, was leading by double digits late Tuesday in the 8th Congressional District Primary.

Junge is running against Matt Seely (a long-time business owner and a GOP advocate) and Candice Miller

Junge was 56% ahead of Seely’s 22%, and Miller’s 22% with around 30% of precincts reporting. Soon after 10:45, Junge issued a press release declaring victory.

Junge stated in the release that “We will move again in the right direction by empowering Michigan families

and small businesses rather than letting liberal politician Dan Kildee continue causing damage to our economy and family budgets.”

They want to challenge Dan Kildee, the Democratic U.S. Rep. from Flint Township in the fall Democratic U.S. Rep.

Dan Kildee. Kildee has been the local House representative for over nine years and is considered vulnerable by the GOP after redistricting.

Junge reached Junge Tuesday, shortly after the polls close. He said that he was “feeling confident.”

Junge leads Michigan GOP 8th District primary for Congress