The Final Season of 'Doc Martin' Will Stream on Acorn TV This Fall

It's the end of an era, truly. After almost twenty years, ten seasons of television, and consistent rumors of its demise despite its massive popularity

 megahit comedy Doc Martin is finally hanging up its proverbial stethoscope this Fall. 

The series stars Martin Clunes as irascible GP Martin Ellingham, who has a rude bedside manner and a fear of blood

 The series follows the story of life as a doctor amongst his quirky neighbors in the small seaside town of Portwenn.

The series originally premiered in 2004 and has won legions of fans throughout the world with its biting humor,

By Season 9, the two have married and had a child.)  It's become an institution,

Martin stepped down as town GP at the end of last season, after having his medical career scrutinized by the General Medical Council because of his phobia of blood. 

But as Season 10 begins, he's beginning to question whether he made the right decision about resigning. 

The Ellinghams have welcomed a baby daughter, Mary Elizabeth, a sister for four-year-old James Henry.

But with Louisa pursuing her new career as a child counselor in his old surgery, the Doc is left literally holding the baby

 and indulging his hobby of repairing clocks on the kitchen table. But  does he really want his old job back?