County clerks work to keep elections secure, fair

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. SPRINGFIELD, Mo. - Local officials stated that they are working harder this year to ensure fair and secure elections.

Both Greene and Christian Counties' county clerks said that multiple processes have been put in place to ensure every vote is correctly counted.

Kay Brown, Christian County Clerk, stated that "everything has a number lock."

One thing is certain about our machines: they are not connected to any internet. They are stand-alone machines so that I believe that is very positive.

Brown stated that the voting equipment was retested after polls close to ensure accuracy.

Greene County Clerk Shane Schoeller stated that eyes are welcome to observe the election process.

Schoeller said, “You have the challengers and you have watchers.”

The watchers will ensure that the ballots are being cast correctly. They are available to be present on election day, as well as after the polls close. They can also be present for the preparation of absentee ballots and the tabulating process.

County clerks work to keep elections secure, fair