The revised "Despicable Me" installment will no doubt cause Gentleminions to scoff, as Reuters reports China has altered the film's ending.

China has continued its rise of alternate endings due to censorship.

Reuters first reported that Chinese national censors seem to find the original ending to “Minions: 

 In China, according to social media users first to notice the alternate ending, the animated Universal Pictures film has received a title card reading that Wild Knuckles, 

a main character in the heist film, was caught by the police and served 20 years in jail.

Meanwhile, in the new ending, Wild Knuckles’ mastermind co-conspirator Gru has “returned to his family.”

 The title cards say that, years later, his “biggest accomplishment is being the father to his three girls.”

Screenshots of the title cards were uploaded to social media site Weibo, per Reuters.

In the original film, Gru and Wild Knuckles ride off together after Wild Knuckles faked his own death to escape the authorities.