Chelsea  vs  Tottenham

Chelsea and Tottenham both produced plenty of drama during their 2 – 1 match in the Premier League on Sunday but the most impressive performance was from their respective managers.

Although the Blues and Spurs did their best on the field, with Harry Kane equalizing in the final moments but it was the duo of Thomas Tuchel and Antonio Conte that were in the middle of post-match chats.

Managers were each in the other’s face in the stands for the majority of the game with both teams making it an effort to be cheering with each other when their teams scored.

Tuchel ran along the sidelines as Reece James put Chelsea ahead in the closing minutes, but Conte will get the final smile thanks to Kane’s header in the final moments.

The frustrations were bound to boil following the final whistle when both managers were given red cards in the aftermath of the incident, which will be remembered as part of Premier League folklore.

Like it is the norm after an event, Conte, and Tuchel were seen shaking hands during the full-time break, but the conversation quickly turned into something completely different.

Both seemed determined to give up the other’s grip, and the other was Conte looking around in a furious way to take on Tuchel.

The two managers fought for a short time and were separated by the coaching staff and players prior to when the referee Anthony Taylor came over to give them red cards.

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Chelsea vs Tottenham