Vin Scully Tribute at Dodger Stadium: ‘He Loved the Game of Baseball’

Vin Scully, the legendary Los Angeles Dodgers broadcaster died on Aug. 2. at the age of 94. honoured in a memorial service on Friday on the field at Dodger Stadium as a towering but modest figure whose contributions went beyond the team to be an integral part of baseball.
“He was more than only an ordinary Dodger He was passionate about the sport of baseball that everyone loves and is passionate about.” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts stated during the memorial ceremony that was held prior to the Blue Crew’s night match at home against San Diego Padres. San Diego Padres.

“Vin I won’t be around forever,” Roberts said from the field, flanked by teammates. A few players were wearing special caps decorated with images that resembled an older microphone that had wings.

“We love you. We’ll think of your every single day. Every time we go to a game and every fan who comes to Dodger Stadium, there’s a reason why you’ll be remembered. Your name will always be associated with the following five words: It’s the right time for Dodger Baseball,” Roberts said.

Roberts told the crowd of 50,000 fans to stand and shout the five words at a loud enough volume that Scully would be able to hear the start of the match from his seat in “Blue heaven.” The crowd obliged many of them with teary eyes.

Roberts also made Dodgers announcers Joe Davis and Orel Hershiser reveal a bigger banner that was hung under the display window in the studio. It said: “We’ll Miss You, Vin.” It was a reference to the similar banner Scully revealed on his last day at the broadcast booth, the night of Sept. 24 on the 24th of September, 2016. The sign read “I’ll be missing You, Vin.”

The ceremony also included an audio clip that highlighted Scully’s life-changing experiences and 67 years on the team. The video included a number of videos from his retirement celebration, where Scully assured fans that baseball would resume at the beginning of spring regardless of whether somebody else was on the microphone.

The moment’s emotion was evident on the faces of the players and fans who held up Dodger caps in honour of the rare public figure that was loved and revered by all.

“You me and you have been close friends for a long duration,” Scully said in his authoritative and soothing voice that entertained and informed generations of baseball enthusiasts.

“There is a new day and a brand new year. As winter is about to give way to spring”huh-ho” — you can be sure it’s the right the perfect time to play Dodger ball.”

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