Tommy Dorfman says being on ’13 Reasons Why’ ‘delayed some of my growth’ as trans woman

“13 Reasons Why” star Tommy Dorfman has opened up about how her role in the drama for teens impacted her transition to a transgender woman.
In an appearance on”Broad Ideas” on the radio show “Broad Thoughts featuring Rachel Bilson” on Monday, Dorfman – who played Ryan Shaver in the Netflix series – revealed that she “got stuck in the past” because of her initial career success , and was then forced to separate certain elements of her own growth including her gender or gender identity.

“If I hadn’t landed the job I’d begun transitioning much earlier,” Dorfman told hosts Bilson and Olivia Allen. “I believe that because my job (was) closely tied to my body , face and the persona I was identified as, it slowed down some of my development and certain aspects of maturation through my late 20s.”

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Dorfman who came out as trans in the month of July 2021, said that her transition brought an understanding of the disconnection she experienced growing up.

“I always felt that I wasn’t destined to the world which I was living. What do you think of people who are thinking, ‘I should’ve had been born during the 1980s or some other thing? I’ve always had that feeling that way, ” Dorfman explained. “And the moment I began changing, I thought”Oh no, not at all, I am intended for this body and designed for this time and destined for this world.’ I was wearing an outfit that was three sizes too big -in the past 28 years.”

Dorfman has previously talked about her experience of getting famous in a body new to her during an InStyle interview in August 2021.

“I attended college and put in the effort to secure my first job. So when I began my career in this field I thought that I should just be thankful regardless of what,” Dorfman said. “I believed that speaking out or making any changes would cause (expletive) some thing up and I would not be able anymore to work.”

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Dorfman pointed out that a pivotal turning point was after she saw an advertisement she made in collaboration with Calvin Klein during the pandemic on a large billboard. The advertisement was shot prior to her change of status.

“It was as a face of a boy and body of a boy, taken in the head by Ryan McGinley. It was intended to be something that I was happy about, this ‘iconic thing.’ It was an honour because this was Pride. However, I was so discontent,” Dorfman said. “I was staring at it which was one of the worst shivering feeling I’ve had in all my lifetime.”

After coming out publicly and putting on hormonal therapy, Dorfman claimed she’s “never felt more confident.”

“I lived for 28 years my life depressed and suicidal and recovering from addiction to alcohol and drugs. I’m not sure I’ve ever felt truly happy up until this calendar year.” her statement at that time. “I go through the Internet archive of photographs of me before I started working and can clearly see the (expletive) miserable I was in every picture. It’s wild.”

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