Sam Harris: Censoring The Post’s Hunter Biden exposés ‘warranted’ to beat Trump

Bestseller Sam Harris has sparked outrage with his claim that”the “left-wing conspiracies” to cover up The Post’s story about the laptop of Hunter Biden is “warranted” for the purpose of keeping former President Donald Trump out of power – and Harris would not care if the first son who was smashed-up was home to “the bodies of children’s corpses inside his house.”

In a now-viral interview in”TRIGGERnometry,” the “TRIGGERnometry” podcast Harris of 55 was adamantly dismissing those who claimed that it’s “completely unjust” to close The Post’s Twitter account to stop its shocking reports.

The famous philosopher pointed out that some critics described it as “a right-wing conspiracy to discredit the presidency of Donald Trump.”

“Absolutely this was. Absolutely. However, I believe it was justified,” said the “Waking up” author said.

Harris stated that censoring The Post’s reports “absolutely” was an “left-wing conspiracy to denial the presidency to Donald Trump,” one Harris believed “was justified.”
“I do not care about what’s inside The Hunter Biden’s” laptop, he said and stated the fact that “there’s nothing” that the son of a troubled father could do to frighten him.

“At this point, Hunter Biden literally could have found the bodies of his children within his cellar. I wouldn’t have noticed,” Harris insisted.

Harris acknowledged that he would not have a problem that Hunter Biden “had the corpses of kids inside his home.”
The writer also stated that he was in favor of eliminating shocking information from the laptop of the son’s first even if it revealed the “scope of Joe Biden’s corruption,” noting stories accusing Biden of “getting kickbacks from the deals of Hunter Biden in Ukraine” as well as “China.”

Harris got interrupted by one of the presenters Konstantin Kisin, who claimed that the interviewer “really had a hard time” over his interviewer’s problematic admission.

“I’m fascinated by the democratic process,” Kisin told Harris. “You’re saying that you’re satisfied with a left-wing conspiracy to stop someone from being democratically elected as president

Harris — who’s Webby Award-winning Harris compared illicit campaigning to block Trump from Trump’s White House to people working to “deflect” an “asteroid that is hurling towards Earth.”
“Is this a plot?” he asked, to astonishing looks from Kisin as well as his co-host Francis Foster.

“Politically sensibly, I see Trump as an imminent threat to our democracy at the moment,” insisted Harris, the author of five New York Times best sellers.

Kisin was again in the back of his argument and said that Harris effectively was advocating for an attempt to “destroy democracy as a means of safeguarding democracy.” winning podcast is titled “Making sense” and he stumbled over his words, before insisting that “it does not matter which part is a conspiracy, as long as it’s on the table.” Harris then shifted into an outrageous analogy which was a comparison of preventing Trump from getting a second term the effort to “deflect” the impact of an “asteroid traveling towards Earth.”

Harris stated that his outlandish opinions weren’t so “corrosive” as those of the New York Times “obvious bias, inconsistency, and insincerity.”
However, even Harris has said that he will not be as adamant about the “corrosive” reporting of “an institution such as The New York Times.”

The Gray Lady’s approach to the laptop case demonstrated “obvious bias, inconsistency, and dishonesty when they simply they were unable to explain the issue,” he said.

The clip quickly went viral on the internet The clip had already racked up over 5 million viewers by Friday.

“Holy shinning …”This guy has just set his entire career on the blaze,” wrote popular right-wing commentator Jack Posobiec as he shared the video.

“I find it funny that people are amazed Sam Harris thinks this way. There’s a large portion of the nation that thinks this way. The people who want to see Trump’s family as well as yours to be in jail. Get up!” the author wrote.

Maximum Truth blogger Maxim Lott stated that “Sam Harris has spoken out the things that the ‘journalists’ from NYT, CNN, and WaP who kept quiet about the Hunter scandal privately knew The truth is true that it wasn’t the case, but rather is false, but it did aid Trump and they hate Trump.”

The comic Dave Smith, meanwhile, stated, “I actually appreciate Sam Harris for making this statement out loud.

“This seems to be the belief of the majority of the Trump-hating group believes, yet the majority of them don’t actually say it. If it’s even stated, you can recognize the truth of it.”

Harris Later, Harris addressed the outrage on Twitter in which he said his remarks were “confusing several people” because Harris “wasn’t talking in a clear and concise manner.”

There’s a clip from a podcast in circulation that is misguiding people about my opinions regarding Trump (which could be a reason since I was not speaking well). For what you want to know, here’s what I wanted to say 1/6

— Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) August 18, 2022
“On the show, I spoke in a narrow manner about the merits and wisdom of not ignoring this Hunter Biden laptop story until after the election.” Biden posted to his 1.5 million followers.

“I’ve always believed the decision was a difficult choice, both ethically as well as journalistically.

“But considering what transpired with that Anthony Weiner laptop in the prior election, I believe that was probably the best choice,” he said, in reference to the revelation of Hillary Clinton emails on the scandalous former New York lawmaker’s computer that caused a major disruption to her presidential campaign in 2020.

“Nothing I’ve said on the podcast was intended to suggest that Democrats were right to engage in fraud or to take other illegal steps to deprive Trump of his presidency (nor do I believe they did this),” he claimed.

Some of his critics weren’t buying the idea, but.

“You were extremely transparent,” one person replied and another wrote “The evidence can be found in the pudding Sam. You repeated the statement several times when they asked you the same question.”

Harris is a Stanford and UCLA graduate who gained notoriety through his teaching of mediation and philosophy and mediation, both of which were in large part inspired by his own experiences with psychedelics.

His books, like the winner of the PEN Award “The The End of Faith” are primarily focused on his atheism and have seen him be accused of Islamophobia.

This triggered his prior viral moment when Hollywood celebrity Ben Affleck completely lost it with him in his comments about Islam as “gross” as well as “racist” during their appearance during “Real time with Bill Maher” in 2017.

“Ben We must be able of criticizing poor ideas, and Islam today is the main source of bad ideas.” Harris insisted on applause from the crowd and support from Maher.

Harris, the “Gone Girl” star claimed that Harris was infuriating the millions of followers of the world’s second-largest religion.

“ISIS can’t even be a major league baseball team at Charleston, West Virginia, and yet you’re making a profession from talking about ISIS, ISIS, ISIS,” the actor raged at Harris.

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