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SEATTLE -It was a long line of people waiting several hours before the game walking all over Climate Pledge Arena, most of them wearing No. 10, shirts and jerseys. eager to be inside before dawn to take in every moment they could, not only the most effective point guard ever in the women’s game, however, but she is also the most powerful female athlete of her time.

This happened to Sue Bird Sunday during the Seattle Storm’s 89-81 defeat in the Las Vegas Aces, a fast-paced, high-level game (Bird scored nine points as well as six assists and four rebounds) which also served as the four-time WNBA champion’s last home game. Although it wasn’t the end she had been hoping for, her Olympic teammate A’ja Wilson (29 points and six rebounds) was a bit disappointed about it.

“I was not trying to ruin Sue’s party. She was invited!” Wilson said, laughing. “I wanted to enjoy myself. I’m so thankful for Sue. What Sue has done in the franchise is amazing. We’ve to show her respect.”

The Storm is already set to make the playoffs and is expected to continue playing games at home -in light of Bird’s achievements throughout her career in addition to the fact the Aces were a major factor in her celebration, it’s likely that we shouldn’t be hesitant about a possible fifth WNBA championship before she goes into retirement in the offseason. However to make sure she’s respected in the event that her career comes to an end at the end of playing on the road Seattle crowds showed in force on Sunday.

Based on the sound of the crowd that erupted when Bird fell to the ground and the presence of an empty seat inside the arena, the vast majority of the city gathered to take their point guard away with fashion. To ensure that all in attendance knew of her significance and importance, the Storm distributed black shirts that had the golden goat at the top. Anyone who looked closely could see the animal’s image was comprised of a list of Bird’s accomplishments in a nod towards his status as GOAT (greatest ever).

However, perhaps even more important is that she’s the most powerful athlete in the history of the WNBA and one of perhaps the most famous athletes of the time in Seattle sports whatever gender.

Stewart who was the MVP of 2018 and is expected to repeat the title this year, Bird has built Seattle into a mecca for women’s sports. As a homage to the legacy of Bird that of the sports world all over the world — but Seattle particularly will continue to reap the benefits of this Sue Bird Effect.

Think about the following points:

– The Storm began their debut in the 2000 season before the team drafted Jackson in the following season with the highest overall pick. In 2002, once again having the number. 1 spot during the WNBA draft, Seattle selected Bird. The Storm’s enduring power is due in part to the fervent fan base that has consistently turned out for Bird. In addition, Seattle outdoes the rest of the league with average attendance and attendance, but on Sunday they set a new franchise record with an attendance of 18,100.

If it wasn’t for Bird who made Seattle fall in love with women’s sport, there are no huge crowds to watch Washington women’s basketball. Kelsey Plum starred for the Huskies and helped them reach their first Final Four.

Without Bird whose excellence was the reason that women’s sport is treated with respect in a city defined by its men’s professional teams, there’s probably no OL Reign, Seattle’s NWSL team.

Perhaps there isn’t a young WNBA player who is better competent to talk about the impact of Bird than Plum who is in her sixth season of professional play playing for Las Vegas. Plum had 16 points and four assists on Sunday and was one of the beneficiaries of Bird’s influence in the Seattle markets for sports. The bird was among the thousands of fans who crowded Alaska Airlines Arena to watch Plum at Washington between 2013 and 2017, where she broke the NCAA scoring record.

“She’s incredible in her efforts to break the boundaries of the sport,” Plum told USA TODAY Sports. “She’s one of those athletes who break the sex barriers she’s got the utmost admiration from all sides. Seattle is an amazing city. It is a place that embraces sport, regardless of what gender … however, the passion the city has for basketball women, Sue built that.”

Bird, for the most part, Bird, was unaware of it until the day after Sunday.

As a centre, she at first hesitated, saying that “you must at least give an ode towards Seattle Reign.” Seattle Reign,” the city’s previous ABL team. After that, she realized her part in the game, too.

“What’s most on my head is … you’ve always known what you going to get from me,” Bird said. “To find a player like that in similar cities, it’s possible to connect to them and connect to this, and connect to the teamThe supporters here did this. There was a connection to Lauren and are now connected with Stewie (Breanna Stewart) and other players, But I’m the one who was constant and steady. This made it easy to get hooked.”

She also mentioned standouts like Plum and her fiance Megan Rapinoe, an OL Reign player, and said that the athletes seem to be “doing themselves” by keeping Seattle people interested in women’s sports. However, she admitted that “I maintained my commitment to the sport. It’s great to know that I contributed to the creation of other opportunities.”

Giving back to others is precisely what a good point guard is expected to do. For Bird, the role isn’t that is more fitting or satisfying.

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