Locke and Key season 3 review – the key to success?

The magic is alive during this final episode of Locke and Key? In the majority of the final 8 episodes, it will! While the final season is only two episodes longer than the previous two seasons It’s a smart choice. If there had been extra episodes in the middle portion of the show might feel very “filler”, which would be a detriment to the quality of the whole show.

As certain episodes are small (only about 30 minutes) the third season Locke and Key doesn’t drag along as long as the two previous seasons did.

While, as it was in the second season the storyline is much the same but the fact that it’s one of the last seasons of Locke and Key makes you more accepting when you watch. Because it’s the season that’s ending that means that the general opinion of the show will depend on the way it ends.

Do we end it in a positive way or with a whimper? If you’re a Locke and Key fan, you can say that it’s an upbeat note. There are new characters as well as new keys and plenty of magic throughout. Although there are a couple of loose conclusions that don’t make sense but shouldn’t impact the overall perception to a great extent. The most appropriate word to use to define the conclusion of the show can be “satisfying”.

There are definitely some embarrassing scenes in the show, particularly in the final. However, overall even the tamest scenes contain some toughness. The most frustrating portion of the show is the character Bode, however. Bode remains just as annoying as he was before, but even more so, to be sincere.

But a new storyline halfway through alters this and is enjoyable to enjoy. Because Locke and Key put as much focus on the family as it does the issues they’re facing and it’s an excellent combination.

Locke and Key could not be flawless in any way however it was true to the story it told. When it ended before it became dull and boring the show served a function and, most importantly, its fans very well.

Also, from a show which at one point appeared to be in a rut due to an episode starring Miranda Otto and Jesse McCarthy which never made it to series, it’s amazing the fact that Locke and Key not only ran for three seasons but also managed to provide a satisfying conclusion in a time when many shows have been in a position to not finish their tale. This is a huge accomplishment and kudos to all those who took part.

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