Liz Cheney, Trump foe, loses Wyoming House GOP primary; Alaskans voting now: primaries live updates

The former president’s journey of political vengeance made a visit to Wyoming Tuesday, edging out one of his most ardent critics within his Republican Party by a double-digit margin.
Rep. Liz Cheney, of Wyoming. was defeated by an opponent who is Trump-backed. Cheney is vice-chair of the House committee that is investigating January. 6 Capitol protests and the role of Trump in causing the riot.

While certain Republicans have been vocal against Trump 10 members of the House approved the second impeachment, but no one has criticized him like Cheney and has made it clear that Republicans aren’t able to have both loyalties to Trump as well as to Constitutional rights. U.S. Constitution.

The Cheney race is the most important election on Tuesday. It will also include the special election in Alaska to succeed former GOP Rep. Don Young who died earlier in the year. Alaska voters will participate in ranked choice voting to choose a member of Congress from a pool of three.

and Alaska GOP Senator. Lisa Murkowski is also running a primary for her seat.

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With Cheney’s defeat Republicans who have voted to impeach Trump are disappearing.

In total, seven Republican senators, as well as Ten Republican House members, supported Trump’s impeachment when his supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol as Congress tried to approve the victory of President Joe Biden.

Just two of those House members have been able to win their primaries this year.

After two Senate retirements, Alaska’s Senator. Lisa Murkowski remains the only Senate Republican in the current election.

— Associated Press

Alaska primary: Murkowski and Palin reveal the growing rift within the Republican Party

Republicans react to the defeat of Cheney

In the immediate following of Rep. Liz Cheney’s crushing defeat on Tuesday after her resounding defeat on Tuesday, certain Republican officials took to dancing on her grave.

“Few individuals within Washington are as sloppy and harmful to an international policy as Liz Cheney… Goodbye Liz,” Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, posted in a tweet on Tuesday.

Cheney’s soon-to-be old colleague Rep. Lauren Boebert from Colorado was brief: “Girl, BYE!”

Senator. John Barrasso, of Wyoming, attempted to use a more diplomatic method in announcing that Cheney’s opponent Harriet Hageman, will join the Wyoming federal delegation to form a “strong conservative and efficient team for Wyoming’s citizens.” Wyoming.”

The Trump critics did not resign, however.

A former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele used Cheney’s concession speech in which she vowed to do all things to prevent Trump from regaining the White House. White House.

“With every fibre of my being,” Steele said in tweets on Tuesday. “Sign me to that cause! The importance of democracy is not only in the name but also. Is. Everything.”

Cheney supporters Cheney supporters
JACKSON, Wyo. A country band will be performing following Liz Cheney’s speech. But the blues may be more appropriate.

Cheney supporters who walked to an estate located in the Teton mountains were devastated by her loss, however not shocked – and certainly not dissatisfied, considering Cheney’s speech promising to fight on for the cause of Donald Trump in favour of Republican values.

Trump enjoys celebrations of Cheney’s loss
Donald Trump couldn’t wait to talk over Liz Cheney.

After felicitating Harriet Hageman “on her great and decisive win at the state of Wyoming,” Trump said in a Truth Social post that Cheney “should be ashamed of her actions, how she behaved and her savage, unholy remarks and actions toward other people. The moment is here for her to go to the depths of political depravity.”

Cheney in turn has told her supporters that she will remain vocal, and will do all she can to ensure that Trump is off Trump’s White House after 2024.

– David Jackson

Cheney against. Trump: Dick Cheney says Trump is an ‘innocent coward’ and threat in an advertisement for Liz Cheney

Liz Cheney: ‘Now the real work begins
In acknowledging Harriet Hageman had beaten her, Cheney told a crowd of cheerleaders: “She won. I urged her to give up the race. The primary election has ended but the actual work begins.”

Cheney has once more criticized Trump for allegedly telling “lies” regarding the 2020 presidential election, and also said she’d be working against the other Republican “election denialists” who are running for office across the United States in the upcoming election.

The three-term legislator did not mention the possibility of a presidential run for herself in 2024. Nor did she provide a detailed account of her work in progress in January. 6. congressional committee inquiry.

Hageman who was once a Cheney fan wins over the incumbent
Harriet Hageman, a trial lawyer and Trump Ally who challenged her fellow ally, the Cheney political dynasty, was defeated by an incumbent congressional candidate in one of the most watched House Republican primary elections in the United States.

Hageman’s victory was widely anticipated just days after the results of a University of Wyoming poll showed Rep. Liz Cheney trailing by 29 points.

They weren’t always enemies. Hageman was a candidate for Cheney in previous congressional elections she referred to her as”a “friend” as well as a “constitutional conservatism” who would be able to advocate for Wyoming.

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