Jersey Shore Family Vacation: Ronnie Ortiz-Magro returns, and wants to apologize to the cast

What’s the latest with Ronnie?
After an eight-month absence due to legal troubles stemming partly from two domestic abuse cases, Ronnie Ortiz Magro returned to “Jersey Shore Family Vacation”‘ on Thursday, August 11. At Patricia’s of Holmdel, he had a conversation with Mike “The Situation.”

There was much to be said and not enough to be said – some of which you had the opportunity to see between the lines.

Ronnie confessed that he hadn’t been to the East Coast for a while. It’s been a long year. “It’s been a lot about doing the right thing, just being a full-time dad, and being sober. One day at a.m., living the best life possible.

He said, “I want Mike to see where I am in life. I’ve been to treatment before and fell down.” “Now, I’m sober and it’s humbled”

Mike stated that he had been in touch with Ronnie but no mention has been made of contact. Ronnie was removed in January from the opening credits.

Ronnie said to Mike, “To be completely honest with you, it seems like you’re doing what is right.” “I mean, is that you?”

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Ronnie replied, “Yeah. Yeah, bro.” A sponsor is an important part of sobriety and the journey. He keeps an eye on me and makes sure that I am doing the right things.

Sponsors are employed in Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, and other programs that aid addicts on the road to sobriety. Although his voice and image were hidden, Ronnie’s sponsor appeared on Thursday’s program. He stated that Ronnie was doing “great.”

Ariana, who he shared with Jen Harley.

“I now have Ariana full-time. Ronnie stated that Ariana is the best thing to happen to him. Being a dad full-time and caring for her 24/7 is one of the reasons I need to make time for what she loves. My entire life revolves around this tiny little person.

Ronnie had Ariana “full-time” but no explanation was offered.

There is still much to be done for Ronnie and his “Jersey Shore” roomies. They have been keeping their distance. They were silent when Ronnie and Saffire Matos announced their engagement last June. The roomies also didn’t mention Ronnie at May 2021’s MTV Movie and TV Awards, when they were big winners.

Ronnie stated, “I want everyone to sit down and say, ‘Listen, my mistakes have been made and I must own them.'” “I cannot hide from them.”

Mike isn’t sure if this will suffice.

Mike stated, “I cannot make that determination if the squad is right for it.” It’s necessary, Mike said. His actions had a profound impact on every one of them.

Ronnie was arrested in Los Angeles on April 2021 for intimate partner violence. However, he was released from jail after a September judge ruled that his treatment was sufficient to avoid a prison sentence.

He had previously pled not guilty to one count each of domestic battery, and one count of resisting arrest in an October 2019 incident that occurred in Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills section. Police were called to the home where he was staying with Jen Harley, his ex-girlfriend, and Ariana, then 20 months old.

MTV announced that Ronnie would be leaving the show following his April 2021 arrest in order to deal with mental health issues.

Mike said on Thursday, “I’m excited for you to eventually seat down with some others because I can clearly see a difference.”

A lighter note: “The Meatball Show”, starring Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and Deena Cortese, premiered on Thursday’s program. Deena Jackson’s backyard was used as the location for the “show”, while Chris Buckner was the producer.

Angelina Pivarnick was the production assistant who drove the talent to the studio. She met TV host Jerry Springer in Jackson on the street. He drank water while Nicole, Deena and Deena drank wine and played with breathalyzers.

Springer jokingly said, “I have never been on any show where the host must use a breathalyzer.” Springer said, “You’re going off to the deep end.”

“Jersey Shore Family Vacation,” airs at 8 p.m. ET Thursdays on MTV

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