Jennette McCurdy Talks About Rising Above Childhood Traumas With And Through Her New Book

Jennette McCurdy is aware that the name of her latest book”I’m Glad My Mother Died’, is an attention-grabbing title. McCurdy also freely admits that she is committed to every word. This is something I say sincerely, and I’m not declaring it as a joke.”

McCurdy who co-starred in the Nickelodeon series iCarly along with its spinoff Sam & Cat alongside Ariana Grande. McCurdy hopes viewers will comprehend why she made the bold claim,

I hope readers will find that by the end of the article”this makes sense..

McCurdy, 30, writes in her memoir she believes her mom Debra “was a narcissist” who psychologically, mentally and physically assaulted her. She encouraged McCurdy to pursue a career in acting when she was a kid and encouraged her to suffer from an eating disorder. McCurdy says.

Her mother was insistent that she showers her daughter until she reached her late teens, saying she wasn’t washing her hair properly, McCurdy says.

It wasn’t until she sought therapy following her mother’s passing due to cancer complications in 2013 that McCurdy began to deal with the trauma she confronted with.

Before going through therapy, McCurdy was drinking frequently and was in unhygienic relationships with her partner. After years of working on her own, she’s now telling her story to the world. The process of writing the book according to her has been an emotional ride.

“I’d be crying as I wrote it, and the next thing I knew, I was laughing and reminiscing about something. My mom’s manner of speaking was funny and distinct and writing it out was a highly emotionally charged, emotional experience.

McCurdy host of podcasts named Empty Inside, spoke with The Associated Press about looking back, therapy and the ways she might return to her job in front of cameras.

Questions have been edited to ensure accuracy and clarity.

AP The thing is to realize the truth about your childhood in therapy. It’s another thing entirely to share your insights with the world. What inspired you to share your story initially in the form of a show that was just one woman (also named I’m Glad My Mother Died) and then in the form of a book?

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