Jennette McCurdy Details Why She Stopped ‘Liking’ Ariana Grande

Jennette McCurdy is very candid in her new memoir I’m Glad My Mom Didn’t Die.
The book, which is a screamer, is officially out on the shelves todayMcCurdy McCurdy 30 years old, spoke about the experiences she experienced as a child actor as well as the moment when her relationship with former co-star Ariana Grande began to splinter and melt.

According to Just Jared, things started to get a bit sour for McCurdy when she was shooting Sam & Cat after she began to be angry with Grande because she claimed it was the preferential treatment accorded the pair by Nickelodeon supervisors.

In her book, she discusses Grande as a “burgeoning popular singer” who was often allowed to not film their show when McCurdy was required to “angrily maintain her fort.”

“I booked two shows on iCarly which I was forced to decline due to the fact that the iCarly team would not let me out of the episodes to shoot the features,” she explained, noting that Grande was permitted to miss filming. The producers rectified this by requiring her character to be kept in a box during the show.

“Are you. I’m kidding,” McCurdy wrote, according to the publication. “So I’m supposed to turn down films while Ariana’s singing at the Billboard Music Awards? F–k. This.” McCurdy expressed her jealousy and anger over Grande having the opportunity to pursue her career in music as McCurdy was back in the studio, performing with an instrument.

The final straw came the next day when Grande was set to arrive “whistle-toning in with excitement ” because she had just spent the evening playing charades with Tom Hank’s residence.”

McCurdy says that was the moment when she broke. From then on, “I didn’t like her. I didn’t like her,” she reportedly wrote. “Pop stardom is something I could manage but having a drink in a club with Sheriff Woody, with Forrest F ——g Gump? This is getting too much.”

“So that every time she is absent from work, it’s an attack on me personally,” the iCarly alum continued. “Every when something happens that is exciting to her, I’m feeling like she has taken away my right to experience the same experience.”

McCurdy’s memoir will be packed with other surprises as well as more shocking moments from her experience at Nickelodeon as well as her complicated relationship with her mother.

The memoir”I’m Glad Mommy Died” is out today.

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