Jane Fonda Is ‘Not Proud’ of Getting a Facelift: ‘I Stopped Because I Don’t Want to Look Distorted’

Jane Fonda has admitted she does not feel proud about having a facelift. She has said no to getting a facelift again since she doesn’t want to appear distorted’.
The actress, who is 84 spoke about her regrets over surgery in addition to warning about the dangers of being obsessed with cosmetic surgery in a brand new interview with Vogue that was published on Tuesday.

The Hollywood legend admitted she’s had facial rejuvenation, but would not perform the procedure once more.

She explained: “I’ve had a facelift but I stopped it because I didn’t wish to look disfigured. I’m not very proud of the fact that I’ve had one.

“I do not know if I could have the chance to make it right, and if I would even do it. However, I made it happen. I admit it, then simply say, okay, you’ll be addicted. Don’t keep doing it. There are a lot of women who I’m not sure, are hooked.’

The Grace and Frankie actress spoke about how ageing shouldn’t need to be frightening, and that she was determined to show that there are options to age in healthy and positive ways.

I want youngsters to quit worrying about growing older. The most important thing isn’t age but the chronological age. The most important thing is the health of your body.’

“I’m nearly 85 however I don’t look to be that aged,’ the actress said. “So, I’m trying to get young people to not be afraid of becoming old, aiding people to understand that being older doesn’t mean you must quit living your life. …’

The Oscar-winning star expressed her gratitude for her health and longevity at her age.

“I’m talking about every day whenever I get out of an automobile, I am grateful to god for having strong thighs and that I’ve been working out to maintain strong legs,’ she said.

The Book Club actress appeared in an H&M Move campaign that prompted Jane to meet together with Vogue for a discussion about the latest collaboration. The collection of “move wear” products is scheduled to be released on August 4.

Jane has thought about ageing before she was even born, and in an interview with Glamour in May she said she wanted to not have regrets as they age.

“One thing I was certain of was that I didn’t wish to reach the end of my journey with regrets. Therefore, the way I lived my life until the end would determine if I regretted anything”, the singer said to the newspaper.

“It completely transformed my thoughts about myself and the way I wanted to live the last three years in my lifetime. I also realized how important it is to be intentional in how we conduct our life.’

The actress who is a star remains active and is always working out all kinds of activities, from walks in the countryside to routine workouts.

As you age and realize that remaining healthy is a joy and vital since age doesn’t have a lot of the same as chronology.

“You could be very old by the age of 84. That’s mine, yet you could also be extremely youthful,’ explained to Glamour.

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