GTA 6 | Release date 2022

We’ve gathered all of the latest news, rumours and speculation regarding the much-anticipated sequel Grand Theft Auto 6’s release date

Want to know the latest news on GTA Six release dates? Given that it’s been almost 9 decades ago that GTA V was released and the sixth game is nothing more than rumours It’s difficult to know. The standard of practice was that Rockstar introduced new games to GTA every four or five years. GTA franchise every five or four years, however, according to that logic GTA 6 should have been released at the end of 2017 and we’d be gaming GTA 7.

It’s believed that the GTA 6 release date is just a few years in the future as per the report by Bloomberg. The first Grand Theft Auto game was extremely massive and enjoyable with sales numbers that were above the average and player figures that remain astounding. Rockstar does not need to hurry. In the meantime, we’ve put together all the most recent GTA 6 rumours in one spot.

GTA Six release time and date for speculation
When will GTA 6 come out? Rockstar insiders have revealed they believe the GTA 6 launch date is not yet “two years from now” and will take place in the vice-city style of Miami with the role of a Latina female protagonist. One other rumour floating around at the moment is that we may get the first officially released GTA 6 trailer in 2022.

GTA 6 news

The positive thing is we now know the next GTA game is currently in process at Rockstar. In a post on the community, on February 4th, Rockstar confirmed that “active development of the next game of the Grand Theft Auto series is in full swing”. Whatever it’s called you’re looking forward to, know that it will have to be “special”. In the wake of Rockstar’s announcement to wind down support for Red Dead Online, Rockstar said that it was allocated towards “the next game within the Grand Theft Auto series,” and also that it wanted to ensure that the next game “exceed[sthe expectations of players.”

Interview with, Take-Two Interactive CEO, Strauss Zelnick, suggests that the use of better tools for development and more teams could help reduce the gaps. This could mean that “games could be a little smaller” and yet be fully supported after launch.

The reduction in crunch time is another reason that the next GTA could be shorter according to Kotaku reports, “One plan that management has set out for the upcoming game, which will be a brand-new version of the Grand Theft Auto series, will begin with a moderately-sized game (which according to standards of Rockstar, will be a big game) and then expand by regular updates over time. This can help ease the pressure and stress.” Rockstar employees are sharing their thoughts on the positive changes that the company has made after it was scrutinized following the time-strapped release of Red Dead Redemption 2. While there’s no timetable for GTA 6 this means the following GTA could be a little smaller when it releases.

This theory also goes in conjunction with other rumours discussed in Henderson’s July 2021 video in which Henderson discusses his theory that GTA 6 is set in contemporary Vice City, and not the 1980s as many suspected. This is presumably because the modern-day setting can be flexible when playing GTA Online – and on this note, the new online mode could take place on an evolving map which changes with every release.

GTA 6’s gossipy tale

The possibility is it’s possible that GTA 6 will herald the introduction of the debut female lead. In an interview in 2013 by The Guardian, Dan Houser clarifies why women weren’t played during GTA V, and how the team can bring it about in the near future.

“We did not really think about it this time [about GTA V]. It’s not saying that we could not or could not. This set of characters is what we came across and it wasn’t “we’ve got X, Y and therefore we’ll require Z and Z’. We didn’t want to work by following a list – I doubt that it will ever be anything that’s convincing or entertaining.

“In the near future,” can we make a game featuring a female lead character? Yes, of course. We’re just not able to find the perfect game at the moment, however, it’s definitely one of the things we think about constantly. It was not a natural fit for this game, but for the best game in the future – with the appropriate themes and the right players, it could be a great game.”

Tom Henderson’s June 2021 rumours clip is a touchy subject and he also discusses the possibility of having a playable female character that is the bright one within the group and has a knack for hacking and using technology. We’re intrigued by this.

This is our summary of GTA 6 rumours and speculation. In the meantime, check out our top list of Sandbox games for PC to help you are looking to get that open-world bug another way.

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