‘God would SUPPORT abortion rights’: Whoopi Goldberg argues with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on ‘The View’

Whoopi Goldberg along with Elisabeth Hasselbeck got into a dispute over abortion rights during ‘The View’ Wednesday, August 3, the former saying that God would be in favour of abortion rights. The segment of ‘The View’ was broadcast the next morning following Kansas citizens unanimously voting to make abortion legally legalized in their state.

Goldberg provided her with a unique view this time. She said to Hasselbeck, “As you know, God doesn’t make mistakes. God has made us intelligent enough to be able to tell when it wasn’t working for us. That’s what gives us the choice to make our own choices.” From 2003 to 2013 Hasselbeck was the voice of conservatism in ‘The View’ before moving to Fox & Friends.

Goldberg continued her own unique argument following an exchange she had with Hasselbeck, “I also know that God created me to be capable of recognizing should there be alternatives there that be beneficial to me, I’ll look them up,” she said. “I also know that God told us to treat other people as you would want them to do to you. I’m not going to take that responsibility for anyone else,”

Hasselbeck said, “What about the life during the birth? I’ll tell you this, that life is an outline and a mission created through God.”

During the interview, Goldberg, 66, declared the relationship she has with God was “always unstable.” Another host Joy Behar, who pointed out that over 100,000 babies in the US alone are up to be adopted, something Hasselbeck suggested for an alternate option also backed her in her pro-choice beliefs. “It’s not a quick thing. I’ll get the baby, and then it’ll be available as an adoption option,” Behar explained. She then added, “There are still children in need of adoption.”

A viewer on The View’s show made a comment in this Youtube video, saying “I loved this debate on abortion because there was not a lot of screaming or shouting. I am not in agreement with Elizabeth since I’m pro-choice. I appreciate her religious beliefs however, it is her personal conviction and doesn’t apply to all. She is also unaware of the fact that there are a lot of children in foster care who nobody wants. A lot of kids don’t become adopted.” “Thank God for Sara being in this show. She’s so articulate and can make her points without being in a debate,” said another.

One writer wrote “Another major issue is that atheists and the agnostics have ethical issues regarding abortion. It’s an issue that is more human rights-related than a religious issue.” Another person wrote, “I am a massive supporter of Sarah Haines, and I am convinced that she represents the majority of Americans than the majority of”so-called “conservatives” that we’ve seen in the group. Sarah Haines is a religious mother of Middle America, who understands that the thing that makes America amazing is our capacity to be open to different opinions in any form, be it in culture, religion or even ways of thinking. We are so proud of Sarah! Sarah Keep it up! P.S. What’s the deal with Hasselbeck making this into an outlet for broadcasting untrue political propaganda, like that towel and the sticky notes? Please be polite,” said another.

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