Fred Savage accused of alleged harassment and assault on ‘The Wonder Years’ reboot: report

Six women on the production for “The Wonder Years” reboot were able to come forward and accuse Fred Savage of alleged harassment and assault. Savage was fired and banned from the show in the month of May following an investigation into allegations of “inappropriate behavior” initiated.

The women were reported to have made a complaint to Disney and Human Resources management in the month of February alleging Savage was displaying “manipulative and unpredictable” conduct towards women on set, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

The women claimed that they “saw two distinct aspects of Savage the charismatic coworker who seemed to be supportive and an angrier, more dark alter self.”

The representatives of Savage didn’t immediately get back to the request of Fox News Digital for comment.

The accused made the complaint based on “verbal harassing” and an alleged assault on one of their former crew members. They “requested anonymity to avoid being feared for the potential harm in their professional careers.”

Savage was the director of the first episode of the reboot which aired on September 20, 2021. Savage was preparing for the ninth instalment when he got kicked off the show.

The group stated that they “could change to the second persona in a moment, and, in those moments one of them says, “His eyes would stop.'”

He has never displayed aggression at meetings with executives, or when in the presence of actors.

“They all have his perfect, most beautiful appearance,” one accuser said and added that Savage revealed a different side to “below-the-line employees who lack the ability.”

“I’ve had a presence in the business for a long time. I’ve never witnessed anything similar to this and I’ve seen lots of things,” another accuser said.

The women informed the media they had reported Savage at Disney’s 20th Television HR out of worry for a new crew member. They observed that Savage was becoming “extremely controlled in her daily behaviour.”

One accuser attempted to shield the young woman however, upon discovering, “he proceeded to verbally abuse me and make fun of me.” She claimed, “When he pulled me away several times while I was being verbally harassed and his eyes would be blank,” but then “he switches on a switch and becomes Fred Savage.”

In one incident one time, a former female employee reported encountering Savage and his crew at a local bar and when she left the ladies’ bathroom woman encountered Savage.

“I began to laugh, thinking”What are you doing? This is a bathroom for women” she said noting him “just like dead eyes” when he was allegedly pushing her against the wall.

“He used his mouth to touch my pants very strongly. He grabbed the upper part of my trousers. I put him down,” she claimed, before saying, “Then he put his mouth back on mine then grabbed my hands and pulled them over his groin. I pulled back. He stopped very angrily. I checked him shoulder-to-shoulder so I could leave.”

They all went back to the group, and Savage immediately left with a female crew member, who was younger. Savage later texted her to return to his home as per the person who was working with him. She attempted to “remain in a neutral position” and advised him to have an enjoyable night, but she was “honestly afraid of his first encounter with him.”

Savage was reported to have kept texting and phoning the woman, inquiring to meet. One time she claimed she texted him the words, “Tonight.”

After several weeks and then allegedly left an email and the woman was able to share the message with The Hollywood Reporter: “It’s your old buddy Fred,” he said. “We were friends for a few months, but then we broke up but then I became an absolute a-hole. A huge–hole. And I’m truly sorry. I’ve sort of promised the apology you a moment here, and so, uh it’s true that I love you very much and would love to be friends with you, and I’m sorry to have made a mistake.”

The women, in the end, were unhappy with the man who portrayed him as an advocate for women.

“These people in charge are aware of what the public is searching for and they are aware of the appropriate phrases to employ,” one accuser said. “We all felt that we were supported by Fred. We really believed he was supportive of women. He claimed he was supportive of women. However, this kind of support isn’t true.”

In a statement made to the newspaper, Savage said he would “work to take action to stop any activity that could negatively affect any person.”

“Since I was six years older, I’ve worked on a variety of sets with thousands of other people and always tried to be a part of a welcoming, safe and friendly workplace. It’s heartbreaking to find out that my coworkers think I’ve failed in the pursuit of these ideals,” he said.

“While there are some instances which are being discussed that have absolutely not happened and should have never happened, one who feels at ease or upset by my conduct is a single person to many. I will try to rectify and alter any negative behaviour that has affected anyone since there is nothing as important for me as having a loving colleague, friend, husband or father. I am a man who is a friend to all.”

In 1993 a costume designer, Monique Long was sued on behalf of L.A. alleging she was incapable of performing her duties because Savage at the time, who was 16 years old, had allegedly made sexual remarks and allegedly pushed her into an affair, and asked for her to take hold of her. She was ultimately dismissed from the show, and the case was dismissed after an out-of-court settlement that was not disclosed.

His mom on the show, Alley Mills, claimed that the show was not renewed for an eighth season in the early days due to the ongoing allegations of harassment against him and his co-star Jason Hervey, then 20.

“When we made the show’s final episode … nobody was aware whether or not ‘The Marvelous Years’ would be renewed. It was because of an absolutely ridiculous sexual harassment lawsuit which was pending in the case of Fred Savage — who is, to me, the most offending, most beautiful and sweet human being who has ever lived on earth.” Earth,” she said in 2018.

“The Wonder Years” reboot debuted at ABC on September 20, 2021, and was renewed for another Season in May. Savage began his career in the role of Kevin Arnold on the original show, a coming-of-age drama, which was first shown in 1988 and is widely considered to be one of the most memorable TV shows ever created.

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