‘Euphoria’ star Sydney Sweeney: I barely earn enough to survive

The reality is that being on the hit HBO show doesn’t guarantee you time to dance like a rock star.
“Euphoria” Star Sydney Sweeney revealed her wallet doesn’t have enough money to warrant taking a vacation to live the lavish lifestyle.

“If I want to take a break for six months but I’m not able to earn enough to take that break,” the rising sex character recently said to The Hollywood Reporter. “I don’t have anyone who will support me. and I’m not able to find anyone who I can turn to in order to pay my bills or to get assistance.”

The 24-year-old remarked that she’s clearly not broke, thanks to Miu Miu, Laneige and Armani beauty campaigns -However, she’s not earning as much from her job as many people believe.

“They aren’t paying actors the way they used to. And streaming services, you don’t have any residuals anymore,” Sweeney explained.”I don’t have a person to help me. I don’t have anyone to call in order to pay my bills or get assistance,” Sydney Sweeney said about being tethered to her job.

“They aren’t paying actors the way they did in the past, and streaming services, you can no have any residuals anymore,” Sweeney said.

“The well-known stars are still paid, but I need to pay the lawyer 5 per cent and 10 per cent of my agent, and 3 per cent or something similar for my manager in charge of the business,” The Emmy nominee gave a list of.

“I must pay my publicist each month and that’s greater than what I pay for my mortgage” Sweeney continued. “If I were to act on my impulse and didn’t take on any deals, I would not be able to pay for my life in LA. I accept deals because I need to.”

Surprisingly, the mortgage on the property worth three million dollar Los Angeles mansion is a good monthly expense, however, I hope the view of the golf course from the front porch alleviates the burden.

However, the house isn’t situated in a gated community meaning that fans are able to drive through and snap a photo to upload to the internet.

If the Reporter suggested buying an entrance gate, Sweeney allegedly noted she had already exceeded her budget when she bought the property in the previous year.

“I could not believe that I could even purchase a home,” she said. “I would like to live there.”

“Euphoria” actress “Euphoria” actress purchased an LA residence last year.

“White Lotus” star has been open about her struggles “White Lotus” actress has spoken out about the financial difficulties her parents endured when they relocated to LA to pursue an acting career at the age of 13 old.

“We were in a single room. The bed was shared by my mom with me while my dad and my brother shared a sofa,” she wrote in the profile, describing how her family lived in a motel.

The stress also put stress on her father and mother’s marriage, and Sweeney stated that she tried to repair the relationship.

“I thought that if had enough funds, I’d be able to purchase the house of my parents back and I’d be in a position to put the two families back together,” the woman said. “But when I was 18 I had only an amount of $800 in my account. My parents weren’t together, and I had nothing to help.”

However, now, securing important acting roles should not be that difficult, particularly because her parents declared that she has the “best T-shirts on the market in Hollywood.”

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