Eric Adams’ plan to use photos in hiring will only create more discrimination.

Shortsighted people compromise their long-term perspective for quick outcomes and don’t always perceive the effects they’ll cause. Progressives say they want to rectify the mistakes from the past in numerous ways they’re paving the way for them to make the same mistakes in the future.
Political leaders are often naive and willing to sacrifice the constituents they represent as well as their own morality to go along with an era-old trend that eventually plunges them into the political abyss.

City Hall Mayor Eric Adams is reportedly requesting pictures of possible City Hall hires in an attempt to hire the most diverse workforce -which raises concerns about whether the government is putting too much emphasis on the importance of a candidate’s race or ethnicity over. merit. A source even said they were informed verbally that Adams is urging agencies to hire individuals that “reflect the constituencies we serve.”

Adams’s naive desire to please the progressives of today who live in New York City prevents him from recognizing how his system of racial sexism can be used against those who are similar to Adams in the near future.

More importantly, Adams’ hubris will hinder him from seeing how the precedent he’s setting is for the federal government to continue to take decisions or even develop policies with the main goal to punish or reward people based on their race.

Today, the objective is to elevate the perceived misfortunate “people of colour” in New York City, but what’s to prevent a white mayor 30 years from now who wants to course-correct and bring a balance of opportunities for the previously discriminated-against white people? What would we think of should government officials obstruct applications because the current standard of a photo required by law requires a black face?

In a city in which the majority of whites are the most populous number of residents, what happens if this new mayor decides to employ specifically white individuals to represent the citizens he is serving? Do they be able to argue that it’s required due to discriminatory practices that the Adams administration instituted?

Eric Adams and other seemingly good-hearted progressives are simply too ideological and narrow-minded to comprehend how they’re creating one of identity politics that is tit-for-tat that is constantly trying to balance our society by engaging in the same irresponsible behaviour as the people whom we criticize from the past.

Adams is acting as a firefighter who believes that the only way to put out fires in the house is by infusing more fuel into it. The solution to discriminatory practices doesn’t involve implementing various discriminatory practices -rather, the solution is to stop the practice completely.

Progressives believe that we have to enforce discrimination to end prior discrimination, but they don’t believe that individuals who have been marginalized can succeed without the need for a compelling outcome. Adams based on what he has done recently and isn’t convinced that minority groups in his city are able to beat whites in terms of merit, even under the administration he is in.

If there are policies, practices, or individuals in the city’s administration that specifically discriminate against ethnic minorities and racial groups It is Mayor Adams his responsibility to eliminate the discriminatory practices. We’d assume that there’s not any, or else Adams would have done it.

Adams”strategy of trying to select superficially one group of people and make others feel inferior based on races or other characteristics is a sin regardless of who he’s choosing as well as discriminating. It is antithetical to contemporary American values.

If we do not criticize the decisions taken by governments that create population changes, with the noble objective to create “diversity,” we’ll contribute to the normalization of governmental institutions to create rules or policies that clearly make discriminatory decisions without consequences and paving the way for modernized versions of “separate but equal” doctrine which allows the government to determine winners and losers of our society.

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