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Dead by Daylight leaks reportedly reveal Albert Wesker’s power and perks He’s certainly super-human, that’s for sure.

Dead By Daylight recently announced the announcement of a new collaboration called Resident Evil: Project W. The new chapter is the twenty-fifth instalment of the series. It will include brand new locations, a brand new killer, as well as two new survivors that players can choose from.
In a recent update, Dead By Daylight revealed new game content as Resident Evil: Project W.

Dead by Daylight posted a trailer on their YouTube channel that reveals the new partnership in partnership with Resident Evil. The game will be called Resident Evil: Project W. It will be the 25th chapter of the game, and will introduce 3 new characters in The Resident Evil series.

Dead By Daylight is a survival horror game with co-operative gameplay that was launched in the year 2016. The game has one killer with four other survivors. The aim is simple the killer must pursue, hunt and snare all survivors before they are free. The survivors must work together to fix the generators on each map, escape the attacker, and create the escape route to safety.

Each survivor and killer is unique in their own skills and abilities trees that allow them to increase their level. There are five killers as well as five survivors within the basic game. There are fifteen different maps to pick from. In addition, Dead by Daylight has collaborated with many other IPs with titles like Silent Hill, SAW, Hellraiser and Halloween. Resident Evil: Project W will be the 25th collaboration so far and will be the 2nd Resident Evil collab overall.

This new episode will introduce Albert Wesker, a new killer who is known by the name of “The Mastermind”. The chapter will also feature two new survivors–Ada Wong as well as Rebecca Chambers. Ada Wong is the superspy of the series, and Rebecca is a S.T.A.R.S. recruit who has the ability to medicate. Wesker has the capacity of an Umbrella officer with massive power and the capacity to infect others with the Uroboros virus. The players can treat it with first-aid sprays that are that is available all over the map.

In the new game, you will overhaul and update the Raccoon city police department map by splitting it into an East Wing and West Wing. According to IGN the feedback of fans from the previous Resident Evil instalment led to this “quality of life” improvement where the map will be divided into two distinct maps.

The West wings include the S.T.A.R.S. Office, Dark Room, and Records Room and the East Wing houses the chief’s Office, Art Room, Rooftop and many more. Access is also available to the front section of the exterior.

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