Daily Thread: 9 August 2022

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Training in Full Swing for the Super Cup.
The team practised for the first ever this week, at Real Madrid City as they continue to work towards their participation in the European Super Cup, where they will take on Eintracht Frankfurt at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. The session began with fitness exercises with no ball. The team then focused on ball movement and possession before working on tactical exercises and set-pieces. The session concluded with small-sided games, and then the final. The team will leave for Helsinki on Tuesday.

Make La Liga better again?
As the debate rages over which is the best league on the field, there’s no doubt that the EPL is the most well-marketed league. The EPL is the league that brings in the highest amount of money out of all of the best football leagues. What then do La Liga do to bridge the gap and make itself marketable more effectively?

Make sure that there is a fair distribution of television revenues. Real Madrid and Barcelona together made up more than 20 percent of the 1.4Billion Euros that were distributed to La Liga teams in the 2021 season. This is nearly three times the amount of clubs such as Elche or Sociedad.

However, The Premier League which rakes in nearly double the amount La Liga does ensure a much more equitable distribution of the profits, with the lowest clubs earning upwards of 100 million euros. It makes it more competitive, while also taking away the best players that are available in other European leagues that have financial strength.

Make better agreements with media and sponsors One might imagine that having Cristiano as well as Messi for a long time would guarantee the fact that La Liga would be on the top of the list on TV. However, that slot belongs to the EPL and the EPL as well.

Los Blancos winning the UCL repeatedly and Sevilla winning the Europa League haven’t seemed to have any bearing on the matter. The recent naming agreement together with EA Sports that will bring annual revenue of 30 million euros isn’t being the table. Texas needs to improve.

Modify the timing of kick-offs to accommodate Asian fans – This could be a stumbling block, especially for the fans of Spain who are familiar with late kick-offs which means that they will play after midnight for fans from Asia however this is something that the EPL has utilized with great success, attracting massive numbers of fans across Asia.

Los Blancos and Barcelona already enjoy a huge following in Asian countries and must make the most of this by holding earlier kick-offs in Spain in order to directly compete with the EPL. You never know, you could start seeing large numbers of Atletico and Sevilla supporters from abroad too.

Dramatic element – This is something I’m sharing as a remark. Although the football played in the Premier League may not be as good in terms of performance, it’s certainly more dramatic. There aren’t any easy games within the Premier League they say.

A cold, wet night at Stoke and everything else. The commentary, the crowds in the stadiums, or other elements which contribute to this, I’ve got no idea, but it could be something worth investigating for the heads of the club in La Liga.

ICYMI: evaluating the vision of sports at Real Madrid as well as its transfer strategy
In this episode of the Managing Madrid Podcast, Kiyan and Jose discuss Real Madrid’s decisions regarding conservatism, as well as analyse Luka Jovic and Eden Hazard. Eden Hazard as well as Luka Jovic deals. Take a listen.

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