Britney Spears’ attorney accuses her ex Kevin Federline of violating ‘privacy and dignity of mother of his children’

Britney Spears’ lawyer has accused Kevin Federline, her ex-husband, of violating the privacy and dignity of his mother.
Mathew Rosengart contacted Federline after she posted videos of Federline, 40, arguing and warned Kevin that he had caused “legal problems”.

Federline revealed that his sons Jayden (15 years old) and Sean (16 years old) have decided not to visit their mother in recent months. Federline revived his Instagram account Wednesday (10.08.22), to post videos of Britney disciplining the boys.

Rosengart spoke to MailOnline about the clips on Thursday, 11.08.22: “Britney is an extremely talented icon who is loved and respected by millions across the globe.

“Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about Mr Federline who, for inexplicable reasons, chose to give an unpaid interview that has caused pain to his mother.”

Rosengart said that, despite the video’s tone, she had “faithfully supported” Jayden and Sean and “loves them dearly”.

He stated that Federline had not only violated the privacy of the mother of his children but also undermined his privacy. Mr Federline’s poor decision to post an older video of his 11- and 12-year-old kids were cruel and bottom-of-the-bar stuff.

Rosengart pointed out that California is a consent state. This means both the person recording the video or audio and the person recording must agree to it being legal.

Britney was not aware that she was being recorded by her ex-husband in clips posted online.

Rosengart stated that it was “abhorrent.” He has created legal problems for himself, including cyber-harassment, cyber-bullying, and other violations of societal norms.

Federline, 44 years old, deleted his videos Thursday morning (11.08.22), leaving only his Instagram account empty.

Rosengart stated that he was in contact with Instagram to ensure Federline adheres to its rules.

He said: “In the interim, Britney poignantly stated that whatever is happening between her and her sons should remain private.

“We ask Mr Federline to show grace and decency and to stop discussing private matters publicly. This is a bad practice that benefits no one.”

Britney had previously been devastated by Federline’s comments about their rift and posted a series on Instagram of angry messages, including one accusing Federline of exposing the teens to marijuana.

According to TMZ in 2019, Federline was granted 70% custody of their sons, while Britney was reduced to 30%.

Federline’s marriage to Britney, a two-year-old affair, ended in July 2007. Six months later, she was placed on an involuntary mental hold.

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