Amanda Seyfried Wishes She Had Intimacy Coordinators as a Teen, Let Herself Be Uncomfortable on Set: ‘I Wanted to Keep My Job’

Amanda Seyfried told Porter magazine that she deliberately allowed herself to feel uncomfortable on film sets earlier in her career as she believed that would be the best way for her to stay in her job.
The magazine noted that Emmy or Oscar-nominated actress “wishes she could be coming up now, in an era where intimacy coordinators are an on-set requirement and actors are in a better position to speak up.

” Seyfried stated that she came out “pretty unscathed” from her first days acting in Hollywood however, she will think about it with a sense of stunned.

“Being 19 and in public with no underwear on, do you think I’m kidding? How did that occur?” Seyfried said. “Oh, I know the reason I was 19 years old which was a time when I wasn’t wanting to cause any harm to anyone and I wanted to hold my job. That’s why.”

The intimate coordinators were on the news lately after “Game of Thrones” and “Lord of the Rings” actor Sean Bean criticized their addition to television and film sets. Bean claimed his position that “the natural way lovers behave” is “ruined by someone bringing it right down to a technical exercise.” A number of actors have now been able to speak out about Bean’s views and including the actor from his “Snowpiercer” co-star Lena Hall.

“If I feel comfortable with my scene partner and with others in the room then I won’t need an intimacy coordinator,” Hall wrote on Twitter. “BUT if there is any part of me that is feeling weird, gross, overexposed etc… I will either challenge the necessity of the scene or I’ll want an IC [intimacy coordinator].”

“West Side Story” breakout Rachel Zegler was more adamant about posting on social media about the fact that “intimacy coordinators establish an environment of safety for actors.” She also wrote, “I was extremely grateful for the intimacy coordinators we had in ‘West Side Story They showed respect to someone who was a novice like me and helped educate those around me with many years of experience. The spontaneity of intimate scenes could be dangerous. Be alert.”

Addition of “Midnight Mass” and “Bly Manor” actor Rahul Kohli, “I’ve worked with a couple of intimacy coordinators which, while somewhat embarrassing at first, are crucial to ensure our security by making us feel comfortable and opening dialogue between directors and actors when the scenes call for ‘intimacy. ‘”

Seyfriend has been nominated for an Emmy in this award for her role in the role of Theranos the company’s founder Elizabeth Holmes in Hulu’s “The Dropout.”

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